The 7 Palettes Today

We are only six palettes today!  Yesterday we lost our precious Helen Gallagher, whom we deeply mourn.

Helen had been in rehab for several months after falling and breaking a rib while assembling artwork for an exhibit we ‘Seven Palettes’ were hosting virtually. This is a tragic loss for all who knew her.  Helen had sparkling baby blue eyes and though small in stature was the life of the party and ‘punched above her weight’.  Her wisdom, wit, energy and outstanding writing ability endeared her to all.  Read more about Helen and see some of her latest works.

Nancy Butler.

Sara Becker

Helen Gallagher

Caroline Orrick

Ann Rossilli

We are seven women who have joined together for the purpose of increasing our immersion in art. Individually we were all doing well, but we found that in working together, we could pool our resources and

Penny Smith

accomplish more, plus support each other and have more fun.

We could be honest with each other about aspirations, about the foolishness of some ”rules”, and about our art work.

Maureen Ward

Today.  We’ve come a long way since 2012, when we met at the Yellow Barn Studio in a figure painting class.  Not only have we painted and hung out together, we’ve had six major exhibits and have participated, in clusters, in at least seven ‘destination’ workshops.

More exhibits are being scheduled now.   Check our blog regularly and visit our individual websites for updates about our schedules and individual art!  You can get to our sites by clicking on our individual photos above.

How We Met.  When we finished a morning class at the Yellow Barn, whoever was available went for lunch together.  By the time the course ended, we had bonded and our lunches were almost as important as class itself.

We decided to keep getting together for plein air painting, visiting art exhibits, critiquing each others painting.  These activities gradually morphed into group painting trips, exhibit collectively under our ‘7Palettes’ moniker, and collaborating on this joint website.

How We Formed.  Artists through the years have formed groups—art can be a pretty lonely endeavor—and each group is unique. Though we have seven quite different personalities, different backgrounds,  different styles, we share a hunger, a passion to produce the finest art we can and that each of us had to defer our art while we led productive work lives and raised families.

It is not as if none of us picked up a pencil or a brush while waiting for retirement, some of us more than others. We played around with art in our own ways, getting enjoyment  from what we did, developing some kind of style, variously seeking professional guidance.  We knew that consistent professional guidance to produce works that would really satisfy us.

How We’ve Grown.  In the years since forming 7Palettes, we have made gains in understanding art principles, learning techniques to achieve goals, and assessing our own abilities. We are moving from being generalists to becoming more specialized, but as we grow, those interests too will change. What has not changed is the personal involvement we put into our work and that hopefully communicates itself to viewers.

This website allows us to share our individual and collective enjoyment of art with others.







3 Responses to The 7 Palettes Today

  1. Sara H. Becker says:

    Watch out world here we come! Well, at least in the Maryland, DC area, for now…

  2. Caroline says:

    Hi Seven Palettes! I’m a reporter for Capital News Service of Maryland and I’m very interested in producing a feature on your work and story – please let me know if this can work! Thank you – Caroline Cummings

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