First Annual Virtual Exhibition of the Palettes Art!

We were scheduled to have a lengthy ‘bricks and mortar’ exhibition at Bethesda’s Oasis Gallery, but the coronavirus intervened.  We’ve decided to improvise and offer our collectors and fans the opportunity to see our first ever virtual exhibition.  Who knows what other interesting things we’ll tack on — maybe a zoom session where we can tell you about our art and answer questions.  And maybe we can even add a feature allowing you to buy works online, should you want to snap up a pretty before someone else snags it!  In the meantime, contact any of us if you would like to buy a piece of art! (email addresses below).

Without further ado:

OUR WORKS BY ARTISTPenny, Sara, Maureen, Helen, Caroline, Ann, Nancy




Inquire about buying any of these works or about other works by these artists, at:

Sara Becker                         the

Nancy Butler             

Helen Gallagher       

Caroline Orrick        

Ann Rossilli             

Penny Smith           

Maureen Ward