Our First Press Release

“7PALETTES” ART SHOWCard Layout  10.06.13 blk
Yellow Barn Studio, Glen Echo Park
7300 MacArthur Blvd, Glen Echo, MD 20812

NOVEMBER  9 & 10, 2013
Saturday, Nov 9th 12-5 pm; Reception 6-8 pm
Sunday, Nov 10th  12-5 pm

Featuring paintings in oil, pastels, watermedia & ipad; prints & note cards also available. (checks, credit cards, cash welcome)

Introducing the 7Palettes (sevenpalettes.com)

In 2012, seven women from very different backgrounds met during a figure painting class at the Yellow Barn Studio in Glen Echo Park, Glen Echo, MD.  Each had years of professional experience in fields ranging from health (Penny Smith, Helen Gallagher), to law and investments (Maureen Ward, Sara Becker, respectively), education (Nancy Butler, Caroline Orrick), and museum exhibition designing (Ann Rossilli).  And each had now reached the point in life where she could shift focus and develop her creativity through art.

The artists– now the ‘7Palettes’ — bonded quickly in class and during post-class lunches where they discussed aspects of painting and enjoyed a happy camaraderie.  Soon they were painting together outside of class, first locally and later, farther afield.  In Spring 2013, the group set themselves a goal of exhibiting jointly this Fall.  During this weekend art exhibit, held in cooperation with the National Park Service, each of the ‘palettes’ will display a number of works in various media and various subjects: portrait, still life, landscape, and abstract.

Open to the public, free admission. www.yellowbarnstudio.com/
Directions:  http://www.glenechopark.org/directions-parking
Publicity Contact:  Sara Becker: thebeckers6400@verizon.net (301-775-3461)

About Maureen

I can't get over the beauty of our world -- visible in every one and every thing. So, among other things, I make images to try to get a handle on it.
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