Announcing Our New Show — “Re-Emergence” at Oasis Gallery

We were all primed to have a beautiful onsite exhibit at Oasis Gallery and then Covid intervened. We pivoted to an online show, but that doesn’t have the ‘presence’ of an in person viewing.

Oasis kindly invited us to mount a new show this year — running from early May through mid-August, 2022. A wonderful span of time within which to enjoy our new works directly. We’ve entitled the exhibit ‘Re-Emergence’ because that’s exactly how we feel after this long dark pandemic. We’re re-emerging now and are ready to stretch our wings again!

We hung the show yesterday and are very pleased with the outcome. We hear the Oasis folks are happy with it too! We can’t wait to see what you think!

About Maureen

I can't get over the beauty of our world -- visible in every one and every thing. So, among other things, I make images to try to get a handle on it.
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