Nancy’s Artist Statement

I am a painter who enjoys painting outdoors, or, en plein air.  My paintings result from transferring what I am seeing through a paintbrush or palette knife into an expression to celebrate what is before me.  For me, painting is struggle between the knowledge of the formal elements of space, line, composition, color, value and shape and making a unified expression of what I am feeling and sensing.   This struggle turns into a “flow” experience where I lose myself in the whole process.   My hope is that this combination of thinking, sensing, feeling, and letting go results in a fresh vision of a moment in time.

Paul Klee said it best, “….my hand is entirely the implement of a distant sphere.  It is not my head that functions, but something else, something higher….”

1 Response to Nancy’s Artist Statement

  1. nean12350 says:

    Hi Nancy, so glad you decided to come to France with our group. You will not be dissappointed. I see that you have had much formal training and have also taught. That is wonderful as both Chris Willey and I are not only painters but art educators. We will have alot in common. I love your quote from Klee. The idea of a “distant sphere” is intriguing.

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