Penny’s Artist Statement

Tavern on the C & O Canal

 I have two passions. One is art and the other music. I am colorist by nature. When I see color, I imagine musical tone and vibrations. Listening to music when painting creates mood and rhythm and inspires creative energy. When I paint outdoors the sounds of nature such as the running water and the rustling leaves become the music of the painting.

My style of painting is contemporary impressionistic with an element of abstraction. I draw inspiration from the impressionists and especially like Cezanne, Matisse and Van Gogh. Contemporary artists I admire are Richard Schmid, Connie Hayes and Richard Diebenkorn.

There is a basic instinct in human beings to be creative and to express their thoughts and  feelings. Art lives beyond the moment that it is created and gives us a lingering sense of who we are and a way to communicate with others.

The senses play an integral part in the creative process for me. Sensing color vibrations and feeling the rhythmic quality of the paintbrush are important elements for me as I strive to transform a blank canvas into a painting. Listening to music while I paint serves as a source of inspiration and creates a rhythm for painting.

I strive to capture both the physical and emotional component of the subject and to convey that energy to the viewer. I invite you to join me in experiencing the joy of creating art through painting.

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